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Sign up below to contribute an auction item for the Sandpoint Independence Day Silent Auction.  All proceeds go Sandpoint Independence Day 2021.

Sandpoint Independence Day is raising funds to host a parade, a festival, and a fireworks show for our community on the 4th of July. Our community has looked forward to an Independence Day parade and a great fireworks show for many years and we are working to ensure that future generations will enjoy these time-honored traditions. Additionally, we are working to host our first annual Independence Day Festival with food, games, and camaraderie to bring our community together to celebrate our Nation’s Independence.

Would you consider donating products or services from your business for our silent auction to help us make our Independence Day celebration a success? Sandpoint Independence Day is a not-for-profit organization and all contributions go towards our events.  In appreciation of your contributions, we will be advertising your business at the festival by displaying your name/business card along with your contribution.

Your contribution can be something as simple as a gift certificate for your business or service or an item that you choose to represent your store.

Contact Sandpoint Independence Day 2020!

We aim to include every local business and persons that wish to contribute to the Sandpoint Independence Day 2020 Event to make this year’s the best event ever. Please submit this form TODAY with your interest in being a part of this patriotic event! 


Sandpoint Independence Day organizes and produces Sandpoints 4th of July events including the parade, festival, and the fireworks show. We do so to promote all people and businesses who want to unite in celebrating America’s birthday. The common ground being celebrating our nation’s Independence Day, not any personal agendas or special interests. This is a family friendly event. Individuals and businesses supporting this cause without any divisive message, agenda, or special interests, are welcome to participate. Sandpoint Independence Day reserves the right to refuse entrance into any of its events if the person, group, or business goes against these policies. Sandpoint Independence Day reserves the right to change and update these policies at any time.